What you should be listening to. Trust me.

In 2018, I really fell for podcasts. I mean REALLY FELL. So much so that I have spent hundreds of dollars on going to live podcast events. I listened to political podcasts in 2016 and 2017, but I hadn't fully dived into the world of podcasting until this last year. Here's a list of my... Continue Reading →

Column of my awful childhood stories.

As a child I loved to write stories. I would spend entire days on a website called thedollpalace.com, which no longer exists, and I would make these online "dolls" who were basically avatars for my stories. At this point in time I am going to guess that I was probably around 7-9 years old, but no... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Videos: I love them.

One of my favorite Youtubers is Shane Dawson. He is a goofy, fun, and loving guy that shares a lot with his viewers and makes people feel happy watching him. My favorite videos to watch are his conspiracy videos. I have been pointed out before that I love creepy things. I've even talked about my... Continue Reading →

It’s so loud.

It is so loud. I tell my self that I am going to get to work on homework as soon as I get home, but it's too loud. I buy ingredients to make a healthy meal that I know will make me feel good, but it's just too loud. I get ready to go to... Continue Reading →

Being a woman.

Being a woman is strange. I don't know if I will ever want kids. You'll change your mind eventually. Some days I gain enough confidence to not wear makeup. You look like shit today. Wow, today is not great. I don't feel very happy. Smile. He's a great friend. That bitch friend zoned me.  ... Continue Reading →

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