Going through my old notes on my phone.

You can learn a lot about someone from looking at their phone notes. You can even learn a lot about yourself; so join me on this adventure of looking back at all of my notes that were typed and then forgotten!


This is not in chronological order. It will simply be in what ever order I feel like organizing them in! I am not sure what everything means, but I’m going to do my best to produce explanations for you all!




Two things: one, I don’t know what Frosted Flakes aren’t crunchy and two, I guarantee that I bought more than the three things on the list every time I went to the store.      (Odds are that I forgot to look at the list all together.)



Back in August, my friend Courtney and I were talking about how we wanted to watch the Ocean’s movies, because of the new one with the all female cast. Well, while discussing this, we came up with the idea to make a list of movies that we wanted each other to watch, or that we both wanted to see and the goal was to watch all of them in 2018… we haven’t even started.



This is how I take down directions. This is why Ashlee is never in charge of directions.



Honestly your guess is as good as mine.



‘Nuff said.


want to know

I guess this explains the lack of motivation!


Okay, I’m going to go charge my phone now! And maybe take some more notes.

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