Conspiracy Videos: I love them.

One of my favorite Youtubers is Shane Dawson. He is a goofy, fun, and loving guy that shares a lot with his viewers and makes people feel happy watching him.

My favorite videos to watch are his conspiracy videos. I have been pointed out before that I love creepy things. I’ve even talked about my personal experiences with spooky happenings! So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I love hearing these spooky, often times way “out there”, theories; however, I don’t really buy into a good majority of them. I still love hearing them and I think that Shane enjoys researching them and sharing them in the same way that I enjoy hearing them.

All of his videos have this disclaimer in the beginning (and he also gives little disclaimers throughout the videos):








Right now there is a large, national scale conversation happening about conspiracy theories and the harm they cause. Some people don’t believe anything they see or trust anything that is told to them. I don’t think that it is harmful to question what is put in front of you, but I do see harm in an absolute lack of belief for anything put forth by any governmental figure.

Potential harm and all, I don’t see any issue with these famous Youtube conspiracy videos. Maybe it is that I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on reality or that I find some of these theories to be too unrealistic, but I don’t think that a Shane Dawson conspiracy video is going to cause a full on crisis.

As someone who is going into a creative field, I think that videos like this show off creativity and share a form of entertainment that people enjoy. It’s hard to figure out what is harmful and what isn’t in an era of people spouting that everything is “fake news” and then people spreading actual fake news like wildfire. That makes it difficult to determine what people will believe is real or not.

I think that it’s good to have entertainers like Shane Dawson sharing videos that now show a meter before each theory of how likely it is to be real or not. I think it puts more of a grasp on the reality of everything. It’s interesting to know what people think while also realizing, well this probably isn’t true.

Plus, you can easily go through a few google searches and find plenty of evidence to disprove a good majority of the theories, so maybe we just need to push for more people to check statements.

Either way, it’s necessary that I share some of my favorite theories!

This one is clearly ridiculous, but has made for some hilarious memes. I can’t help but love this just because of how weird and dumb it is. During the 2016 election, people began suggesting that Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer. It makes no sense, so I am intrigued by it.











This is the theory that the Denver International Airport is the portal to Hell. I enjoy this one simply because it’s a spooky thought. Denver is a major airport near me and I love the thought of crazy, spooky things happening here. That horse is pretty scary honestly.Β 
There are multiple theories that are about the Mona Lisa. The one that interest me isn’t really a conspiracy theory necessarily, but it does lead into a lot of other theories. Is she smiling? Is she smirking? What is she looking at?
And I would be crazy to not have an Illuminati mention here. I just think that some of the explanations about who is in the Illuminati supposedly, are so funny. I also wouldn’t be that surprised if there were some sort of secret society that did control a lot of things.Β 

So don’t believe everything you see or everything you’re told, because you might be being listened to by the Illuminati.

Or you may be given some fake information.

Either way… Beware.



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  1. I was really interested to read this blog post. I am a huge Shane Dawson as well; he’s been doing some really cool things with his channel lately, and I’m here for it. However, I can honestly say his conspiracy videos are the only ones I usually don’t watch. I think it’s great that so many people like them. In fact, his last conspiracy theory vid has some of the highest views for his channel. Maybe I just need to sit down and commit to them because there’s clearly something going on there that everyone loves.

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