What you should be listening to. Trust me.

In 2018, I really fell for podcasts. I mean REALLY FELL. So much so that I have spent hundreds of dollars on going to live podcast events.

I listened to political podcasts in 2016 and 2017, but I hadn’t fully dived into the world of podcasting until this last year.

Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite podcasts that anyone with an obsession with the entertainment industry, like me, are likely to obsess over.

5. The Good Place: The Podcast

the good place

This podcast is hosted by Marc Evan Jackson who plays Shawn in NBC’s The Good Place.

Each episode of the podcast is made in conjunction with the new episodes of the actual show. The podcast typically has Marc Evan Jackson speaking with the director of the episode and one of the Good Place actors, to discuss how the episode was made and some behind the scenes action.

This is one of my favorite shows right now, so having the podcast to listen to when I’ve already watched the episode, is amazing!

The host/hosts (usually Marc Evan Jackson) explains each episode and tell what happens in said episode, so you definitely want to watch the show first to avoid spoilers, but it’s nice that they explain the plot, so even if you miss the show, you can listen to the podcast and enjoy it. Plus, I love how much they tell you about their inside jokes and the extreme lengths that the crew and everyone goes to on designing things, like restaurant menus, that you will probably never see, but it’s so fun to know about! You know it is a good podcast because it can stand on its own too.

In off seasons of The Good Place they have special episodes of other great NBC shows, such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is new to the NBC network.

If you love this NBC show or if you love funny and quirky insights into all of the aspects of making a show, then this podcast may be for you!

4. Throwing Shade


Throwing Shade is a podcast that I have listened to for years now. I absolutely love it.

This picture is from last year when I had thethrowingshade opportunity to go to Denver and see them live, then met them afterwards. I was so nervous, excited, happy, everything! 

This podcast is a political comedy and is so much more than that as well. It is raunchy, feminist, LGBTQ empowering, and just funny as hell.

It’s one of those shows where you get politically informed, but in the funniest ways possible.

Don’t just take it from me. Here are some reviews from others:

3. NYT’s The Daily


We all live busy lives. If you’re anything like me, every single second of your day counts and sometimes there just isn’t enough time to keep up with all of the news.

The New York Times has helped me stay well-informed and it’s in a way that I can actually manage with all of the stuff I do!

The Daily is a podcast that has 20 minute episodes and is produced five days a week. The Daily is hosted by Michael Barbaro and is possible because of the journalist at the New York Times.

The Daily isn’t a comedy like all the other podcasts I have on my list (clearly I’m obsessed with comedies), but this podcast is so well done that it is currently one of my absolute favorite podcasts to listen to and, while I’ve fallen super far behind on many other podcasts during this semester, this one is easy to keep up with and helps me inform others and add to conversations.

2. Lovett or Leave It


Yet another live show that I have gone to and this one alone I spent quite a lot of $$$ on, and it was well worth it!

Lovett or Leave It is a Crooked Media podcast that typically has an episode most weeks. This one is always recorded in front of a live studio audience and the host, Jon Lovett, interacts with them along with his panel of guests that he has on each show.

I’m a big politics fan and I’m also pretty darn liberal, so this is a fun show for me to listen to. It’s hilarious along with being very informative. They have all kinds of people on the show and it is nice to hear from presidential candidates (especially since there are so many of them).

Every episode is different and since it’s only once a week and is a good weekly recap of the news, it fits in nicely with my busy schedule.

1. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard


And last but not least, currently my favorite podcast, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard!

I began listening to AE from the very beginning. Dax Shepard, who I have loved ever since I watched the movies Let’s go to Prison and Without a Paddle around the same time back when I was like 9 or 10 years old, hosts this podcast along with Monica Padman.

Dax Shepard is a very insightful person and he loves to talk to people and get to know them, so a lot of what I love about this podcast is that he sits down a couple times a week with celebrities and experts to just talk.

This podcast is never the same and I find myself relating to the content, in some way, every single week. I have found that this podcast is almost like counseling (and since I can’t afford to go, it’s great!)

You know that this podcast is amazing because most episodes are around two hours long and I still make sure that I find time to listen to the episodes. One thing that is super nice about this podcast is that you can listen to them out of order at times and you don’t necessarily have to listen to them in a super timely manner.

I have fallen behind a bit, but it works out because I’m stock piling them to listen to on a 22-hour road trip to Los Angeles that I have coming up in a few weeks!

I actually get to go to this live podcast in just a few days and I am beyond excited. I think I may cry from how excited I am to go see Dax and Monica in Denver this week! It is well worth the drive and who knows, maybe they’ll have some tips for me for living in California!

Armchair Expert has earned my #1 spot for a reason! Every single person should listen to this podcast.

Here are some other favorite podcasts of mine that you should definitely check out: Pod Save AmericaThis American Life, Ellen on the go, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, Anna Faris is Unqualified, How Did This Get Made?, Dear Hank & John




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