Her Story II: a series of sexual assault accounts.

UNK offers several resources for those who have been sexually assaulted, need help, or just need information. Click here for a list of those resources and numbers you can call to get help. There are people here for you.

The following is the first of a short series of stories that I will be sharing that come from women at the University of Nebraska Kearney who have been sexually assaulted while going to school there.

I will not be using any names at the request of the women and to keep them safe. Below is this woman’s horrible experience and how it impacted her life.


“I think it was December of my Freshman year. I had made a bunch of friends from hanging out around campus and going to parties with these groups of people that I had become close with. Since we were all pretty close and I had never really “partied” for New Years Eve, I decided that I’d go out of town with a group of a few guys and girls and we’d party for NYE then stay at the house of two of the guys that were from this town.

I didn’t party in high school and I wasn’t even much of a “party person” at this time, but it was what my new friends did and it was fun some times. So we all went out that night and it was pretty fun at first. There was a lot of dancing, drinking, ya know, typical party stuff. I was having a good time. But eventually, as I imagine happens to most people when they first start partying, I got way too drunk and began throwing up a lot. I stayed around because everyone was still partying and I was not familiar with the town and had no where else to go; yet, eventually we did all go back to the place we were staying the night at. Since I had gotten super sick, my friends put me into one of the guys beds that was at this house and left me to go to sleep. I was woken up super early in the morning, I’m guessing it was 3 or 4 am, to one of the guys crawling into bed with me, kissing me, and then grabbing my hand and putting it on his penis. I was still very drunk, so it didn’t register with me at first what was going on and he began touching me as well, but eventually I jumped out of bed and ran up stairs.

I ended up sleeping on the floor in this house that I had never been to and when I told my friends the next day, they just laughed it off. For a really long time I thought that it wasn’t a big deal because we were both drunk and he wasn’t a stranger, so he didn’t mean anything by it. Yet, I still think about it sometimes and I get really upset. The main reason that I get upset is because I always think that people will tell me that I wasn’t sexually assaulted. I assume people will think, “well she was drunk and so was he. He didn’t follow her upstairs and she didn’t stop it right away.” I know that most people wouldn’t think that, but it’s still hard. I think that a lot of my issues with guys and sex stem from it and I wish that wouldn’t have happened to me. I continue to see him on campus and I’m not mad at him and I don’t think he is aware that what he did affected me the way it did, but it’s still really hard.”

I am using this platform to help give others a voice in any way that I can. If you have been sexually assaulted and would like to share your story, please send me it via email at glaserab@lopers.unk.edu or ashleeglaser@gmail.com. I will be sharing stories specific to UNK first and then expanding to other incidences of sexual assault from outside of the UNK campus.

Click here to view my previous post.


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