Vote in local elections.

State and local elections happen each year as different offices come available, but no voter turnout compares to that of Presidential elections. This is a major issue because there are incredibly important elections happening during the midterm elections that are not advertised as thoroughly as the Presidential elections are. In Nebraska, Republican Senator Deb Fischer... Continue Reading →


Story to come on campus sexual assault.

Sexual assaults on UNK's campus are still very common even though they have been reported to be happening less since 2014 (to 2016). I have collected three stories from women who have been sexually assaulted while at UNK and that information came from a post I made on Facebook about a week ago just to... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about sex, Nebraska.

  The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates among developing nations, despite also being among the wealthiest. In the U.S., 24 states and the District of Colombia mandate sex education; however, almost half of those states are not required to teach with medically accurate information. Nebraska is not one of the 24 states... Continue Reading →

Times Up & the Service Industry.

Times up now. This is something that is all over social media. The #Metoo movement brought to light a lot of sexual misconduct that has been going on around the world for a very long time. "Powered by women, TIME’S UP addresses the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have kept underrepresented groups... Continue Reading →

Money, Money, Money.

It's 2018. New year, new me, right? Well, not really.  A few days ago I dropped a little over $300 on an airplane ticket that I had already bought once, but irrationally canceled.  I then panicked and took out more money in student loans out of fear that I would run out of money and... Continue Reading →

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