The non-haunted parts of my spring break: picture heavy!

For spring break this year I went to Los Angeles for the first time ever and I absolutely fell in love. Here is a bunch of pictures from my trip! If you’d like to read about the part of the trip where I probably got cursed by a ghost, click here!



Part of the tour was seeing all of the old bat mobiles used in the movies and this is a picture of the original bat mobile with a view of the bat signal in the background.




Warner Bros is also where Friends was filmed at, so here are some lovely pictures featuring Central Perk! I should probably mention that I was freaking out about this.




This is from the props. If you don’t know the movie, you’re missing out.Β thematrixdudes

…And here’s me supporting more female directors!Β futuredirector

We did do other stuff than just go to the studio! Here is me with a bunch of famous people… well their wax figures. Although I do think I made them come to life!



Here’s a few random pictures! On the left is where Jimmy Kimmel is recorded and the right is me being a basic tourist!




And finally the beach day! It was pouring rain the one day that we went to the beach, but it was still gorgeous! Although it was cold, we still had to get our feet wet.

Overall the trip was amazing and I want to go back to LA as soon as I can!



5 thoughts on “The non-haunted parts of my spring break: picture heavy!

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  1. I’m so jealous that you got to see where Friends is filmed. It’s one of my all time favorite TV shows! Also, I’ve always been kind of freaked out by the idea of the wax figures of celebrities. Is it strange to be surrounded by people that aren’t actually people?

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    1. Friends is an amazing show! We actually got to go on the set and record a scene from the show! It was incredible.
      It was a little strange at first because some of the wax figures are so realistic. After walking around for a few minutes it was just pretty cool.

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