Haunted Nebraska. Warning: some disturbing content!

WARNING: Some of this content may be disturbing to people.

I would say that I am a little obsessed with haunted places. I definitely don’t understand the whole demons and ghosts situation (I’m not religious at all), but I love watching spooky videos and hearing stories from people about paranormal activity. Unfortunately I haven’t visited any haunted places yet, so I thought I’d check out what kind of haunted locations there are in my home state of Nebraska.

There are already lists for places to go on a haunted Nebraska road trip, but I don’t have enough time for all of those. I went ahead and put down a few that I found pretty terrifying and if anyone is brave enough to check them out, let me know how it goes… that is if you survive!

Seven Sisters Road in Nebraska City

There are multiple different stories around the tale of the Seven Sisters Road in Nebraska City. The story that seemed to pop up the most described this family that lived on a house at the end of these seven roads and something happened that made him incredibly upset, so he took his seven children for a car ride and stopped at the top of each hill and hung his kids from a tree, one after another. People have reported that when they drove along this road that they could hear women screaming from beside the road and there have been reports of cars stalling and even breaking down on top of the hills.

Bailey House Museum, Brownville

The Bailey House haunting is interesting to me because it is very season 1 of American Horror Story. Captain Bailey was a civil war Captain who lived in Brownville and was murdered. It was suspected to have been a jealous neighbor that poisoned the Captain. The reports say that Captain Bailey is still trapped within the house (his spirit that is) and he roams the house. It has been reported that some doors will not close and some just do not stay closed. People have also heard piano music coming from the house when they are there at night.

The Speakeasy, Sacramento NE

This tale surrounds a cheating husband named Fred. Fred was messing around with a woman and his wife found out. In a fit of rage she murdered him and removed his face from his body. People say that they have seen this faceless ghost wander through the Speakeasy. They even have a picture painted of what he looks like. Ghost hunters have discovered other souls there, so odds are this spirit-filled place cannot disappoint!

The Norfolk Regional Center, Norfolk NE

While I didn’t find too many specific tales of haunting’s that happened here, I find it INCREDIBLY hard to believe that this place is not haunted. It is a former insane asylum, used to house sex offenders who were rehabilitating back into society and it is said to have a cemetery that holds the remains of former patients from the asylum days. For a period of time, this building was student housing and the students reported various paranormal happenings. There are no trespassing signs posted and it is strongly encouraged that you do not wander around this building! It doesn’t get much creepier than that.

Probably the creepiest story, and one that I am never, ever going to be able to check out, is the tale of the Witches Bridge.

There is some controversy on the exact location of this bridge, but the most promising location seems to be in Grand Island, NE. There are also many different stories on how the lead up to this death actually happened, but most tales agree that a woman ended up falling/being thrown off of this bridge, to her death. Many also say that she had a baby that was thrown with her. If you go to Witches Bridge on an odd night with an odd number of people, your car will shut off and you’ll be able to hear the faint cry of a woman and her baby. Some stories say that if you hang your head and legs off the bridge that you will see yourself hanging (as some stories indicate that she was hung as a result of a witch trial) and there are tales that she will try to pull you in. I have even heard a personal account that someone went and visited at night and nothing happened, but when they arrived back home, there was a hand print on their windshield that was not there before.

Now, I may love the idea of this stuff, but I’m also incredibly terrified of absolutely everything, so, like I said before, I don’t know how much of this I could handle. Feel free to share your hauntingly scary tale!


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  1. Creepy! I read the warning, knowing full well that I am a complete baby about this kind of stuff and dove right in! Now all I need is a few drinks before bed and I’ll wipe my memory of this whole post until tomorrow. Happy belated birthday btw!

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