I’m traveling! Help!

Pretty soon I am going to be traveling a lot more than I ever have. I decided that 2018 will be the start of more adventures and I would like some suggestions of what to do/not do in these places.

This month I will be going to Vegas for a few days and then to LA. We have a few planned items on our agenda, but not many.

In May I will be heading to Arizona (I’ve been there several times) and to New York. In Arizona we are always looking for new, fun stuff to do. We’ve gone horse back riding, hiking, and shopping (a lot), but I’d like to find something to do that is more specific to Arizona. As for New York, I have never been there and I’m not even sure where we will be in New York, but I’m up for any suggestions.

I’ll end up going back to Arizona towards the end of the summer, so even more suggestions there!

Finally, I may be going to Seattle and then up to Canada at some point. This will most likely be a road trip from Nebraska, so I need a lot of fun suggestions along the way!

Comment all below. 🙂


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  1. I’m so jealous! I’ll graduate in May and immediately dive into the workforce more than likely. I hope that you keep your blog active and share all those amazing photos I’m sure you’ll take! I’ll be here to see them!

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